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In 2019 Swiss entrepreneur and leadership expert Michel F. Bolle founded together with two friends the private learning institute “Management & Technology Institute” (MTI) in Switzerland.

I truly believe that everyone in this world shoud have the right to access higher educational programs such as an excecutive leadership MBA course.

Michel F. Bolle – Founder & CEO

Initially, the MBI offered a free “one day MBA” seminary. Unfortunately with the start of the pandemic situation in 2020, this project was canceled.

It took another 2 years, endless discussion with industry leaders, teachers & friends until the MTI launched its iconic and revolutionary totally free-of-charge executive leadership MBA course in 2022.

Our main challenge was to build a program, even completely free, that will gain credibility on the market.

CHris White – Student Affairs

In 2021 the MTI can count on several voluntary members, helping to make Michel F. Bolle’s dream, to create a free executive MBA course available to everyone, come true.

The free course is financed by private foundings and sponsors. From 2022 10% of all royalties from Michel F. Bolles books sales will be directly invested in the MTI.

Board members as per 1.2.2022

Michel F. Bolle

Michel F. Bolle – Founder & President / Head of studies
Chris White – Student affairs / founding / marketing

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Email : info@leadership-mba.com
Phone : +41446880055

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We will announce soon a global network of local representatives and ambassadors.

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About MTI:

The “Management & Technology Institute (MTI)” is a private Swiss learning institution founded in 2016. The MTI is a Swiss non-profit association (“Verein” in German, “association” in French, “associazione” in Italian) and a legal structure in Swiss law, defined in the civil code (Part one, title two, chapter two). The MTI is offering a high-quality, up-to-date, alternative executive Leadership MBA program. The MTI is not claiming any official or governmental accreditations. The MTI follows high-quality educational standards.

The MTI is organized and works according to ISO 9001 quality system.

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