Our executive leadership MBA course is the perfect alternative for innovative and experienced professionals from around the globe. And it is completely free of charge!

Who is our completely free executive MBA for

  • You want to step up your career
  • You want to launch your own business
  • You want to gain up-to-date business knowledge
    You want to scale your business
  • You want to become a better leader
  • You want to study during your professional sports or military career

Our revolutionary self-study teaching method

You will learn only practical and down-to-earth content that you’ll be able to apply straight away.

Michel F. Bolle – founder and president

Here is how you will learn at your own pace :

  • Watch videos from the titans, leaders, and history makers of today industry
  • Read the additional resources & books (free of charge)
  • Make your own research on the internet and read articles & study cases
  • Take handwritten notes!

With an average investment of 1-2 hour per day, most of our students get certified within 3-6 month

Executive Leadership MBA content

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
    Leadership (major)
    Human resources

You will learn by watching and listening to the titans and world changers of the industry such as; Steve Jobs – Brian Tracy – Warren Buffet – Chris White – Robin Sharma – Arnold Schwarzenegger * and many others…

Our successful students are ready for the next step in their career

Final Examination

Once you went through the complete self-study program, you can contact the MTI to take your final examination:

  • 3 hours online exam including study cases and practical examples to develop
  • 20 minutes life (Zoom) exam in the field of leadership (only if the written exam is insufficient (max 5 points) in the field of leadership)
  • Pass grade to obtain your diploma : 75% of the maximum points

For more information, please do not hesitate :

Head of Student affairs Chris White:


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If you work with one of the following companies, you might soon meet an MTI alumni:


* The mentioned personalities are not in any case linked to the “Management & Technology Institute” nor do they work for our organization. They contribute with free videos available online.

About MTI:

The “Management & Technology Institute (MTI)” is a private Swiss learning institution founded in 2016. The MTI is a Swiss non-profit association (“Verein” in German, “association” in French, “associazione” in Italian) and a legal structure in Swiss law, defined in the civil code (Part one, title two, chapter two). The MTI is offering a high-quality, up-to-date, alternative executive Leadership MBA program. The MTI is not claiming any official or governmental accreditations. The MTI follows high-quality educational standards.

The MTI is organized and works according to ISO 9001 quality system.

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