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Dear prospective student,

The “Management & Technology Institute” in Switzerland accepts for its alternative free online executive leadership MBA course, students from all over the world. The only mandatory requirement to become a student and enroll in our program; you must be over 18 years old.

There are no other requirements, but we suggest the following in order to increase your chances of success:

  • – A minimum of 5 years of professional/high-level sports/military experience
  • – Excellente English language level (oral / writing)
  • – Good personal organization and discipline to be able to manage self-study course learning
  • – Motivation to take your professional career to the next level

There is no obligation for an undergrad degree to participate in our alternative executive leadership MBA course.

HOW TO APPLY – Send us today your application!

Application form (Microsoft Word)
Application form (PDF)

Apply in two simple steps:

  1. Fill in, date, and sign the application form
  2. Send your application together with a copy of an id (Passport/ID/Driving licence)
    • Important notice for your ID’s & applications:

      – Your ID will only be used for your identification during the application process. After confirmation/refusal your ID will be deleted and neither stored locally or online.

      – You application form will only be stored in paper form at the MTI Headoffice.

      This is to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your personal data.

Final Examination Rules

Final examination rules can be downloaded here.

Assistance / Help / Question

If you need any help, please write to:

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About MTI:

The “Management & Technology Institute (MTI)” is a private Swiss learning institution founded in 2016. The MTI is a Swiss non-profit association (“Verein” in German, “association” in French, “associazione” in Italian) and a legal structure in Swiss law, defined in the civil code (Part one, title two, chapter two). The MTI is offering a high-quality, up-to-date, alternative executive Leadership MBA certificate program. The MTI is not claiming any official or governmental accreditations. The MTI follows high-quality educational standards.

The MTI is organized and works according to ISO 9001 quality system.

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