Two new students from France!

Two new students from France!

The Management & Technology Institute in Switzerland (MTI) is very pleased to announce that this week the MTI has accepted two new students coming from France. These are the first-ever french students enrolling in our alternative executive Leadership MBA certificate course.

Currently, the MTI has active students from more than 20 countries.

We are very delighted with the tremendous response to our completely free MBA course.

20 new trees were planted in the UK

20 new trees were planted in the UK

20 new trees were planted in the UK for or new students enrolled in July 2022.

Sustainability and climate change are important matters we care about at the MTI.

“Let’s leave this world better than we found it!” – A true mission for all of us…

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Cyber Attack – Resolved!

Cyber Attack – Resolved!

Dear prospective students, dear students,

The board of the MTI truly apologizes for the minor issues of the last 8 weeks. Unfortunately, it looks like not everyone likes our completely free MBA.

Unfortunately, an unknown cyber attack has blocked our servers in Switzerland several times. No data has been stolen, but our swiss email servers have not been working correctly several times. If you send an application for our free MBA or a final examination request, and you did not receive any answer, kindly send it to us again.

The problem has been fully resolved by now.

You are able to fully take advantage of the MTI free MBA experience.

Michel F. Bolle
MTI Founder & Président

MTI Switzerland reached 200 students!

The MTI (Management & Technology Institute in Switzerland is pleased to announce that we have reached 200 active students in March 2022. Our current Leadership E-MBA students come from 20 different countries.

We are delighted to see so many motivated, dedicated, and passionate people willing to improve not only their leadership skills but also general business & entrepreneur knowledge. The MTI is offering the only completely free E-MBA leadership course.

When are you joining our amazing community and self-study experience?

The self-study challenge – A life changer!

A few years ago, I was doing some research on the web while working on my book “The Art of Successful Leadership”. Suddenly, and out of nowhere popped up the name of leadership legend Robin Sharma. This was the first time I’ve heard concepts like “The Driving University” and the “Running College”. Traveling about 10 month every year, I immediately realized the massive potential of learning new things I wasted during the past years. This knowledge changed my life forever!

I started immediately to make my own research about self-study and self-learning, trying to find the most effective ways to learn as much as I could. My travel journeys have never been the same since then.

Self-study is crucial for learning the new skills needed in today’s competitive world. It saves time that you would otherwise spend going to a traditional classroom or attending traditional classes, and self-study is also open to people who can’t financially afford to go to a university or College.

Self-study also gives you the freedom to choose the goals you want to achieve without being limited by a fixed study plan. A self-learner is driven by curiosity and keeps learning for the amazing enjoyment of it. When you get something right, you feel great. When you get it wrong, you feel equally great because you have learned something new. And because you have learned it through your efforts, you know it is your achievement. No matter what the future has planned for you, the power to shape your future is in your hands!

At the Management & Technology Institute (MTI) we put in place a unique method of self-study allowing our students to achieve certification of their knowledge.

Michel F. Bolle
MTI founder & president

MTI IOS & Android App available in January 2022.

We are pleased to announce that from January 10th, 2022 the MTI website, including the student area and student library will be available as a quality IOS & Android App. The newly developed quality app will be available for free on Google Playstore and Apple Store.

At MTI, we permanently strive to improve the learning experience for our students. They will be able to learn efficiently on their phones and tablets, and will not miss any MTI news..

New Student Library

We are very pleased to announce that we have started building a student e-book library.

Our students will find there not only all books needed for your self-study program, but also many recommended books.

We believe in Life-Long-Learning. So even after finishing your studies with us, you will find great added value in the selection of our Top e-books.