The self-study challenge – A life changer!

A few years ago, I was doing some research on the web while working on my book “The Art of Successful Leadership”. Suddenly, and out of nowhere popped up the name of leadership legend Robin Sharma. This was the first time I’ve heard concepts like “The Driving University” and the “Running College”. Traveling about 10 month every year, I immediately realized the massive potential of learning new things I wasted during the past years. This knowledge changed my life forever!

I started immediately to make my own research about self-study and self-learning, trying to find the most effective ways to learn as much as I could. My travel journeys have never been the same since then.

Self-study is crucial for learning the new skills needed in today’s competitive world. It saves time that you would otherwise spend going to a traditional classroom or attending traditional classes, and self-study is also open to people who can’t financially afford to go to a university or College.

Self-study also gives you the freedom to choose the goals you want to achieve without being limited by a fixed study plan. A self-learner is driven by curiosity and keeps learning for the amazing enjoyment of it. When you get something right, you feel great. When you get it wrong, you feel equally great because you have learned something new. And because you have learned it through your efforts, you know it is your achievement. No matter what the future has planned for you, the power to shape your future is in your hands!

At the Management & Technology Institute (MTI) we put in place a unique method of self-study allowing our students to achieve certification of their knowledge.

Michel F. Bolle
MTI founder & president

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